Story of Copi and Paste

This is exactly how society kills our creativity – in a breathtaking short film by The Power of Ideas.


There’s an aching difference between an adult and the child the adult once was.

Her story is not unique. Maybe you were that child who was always told to sit still, while inside you the dancer was fighting to get out. Or maybe you were the one who spent hours drawing and painting, but was told not to take art at school because you can’t make a living with art. Or maybe the math was just so difficult it usurped all your energy and left nothing for creativity.

Society functions on the daily grind of millions of unmarked individuals marking time on a mind-numbing treadmill of rise, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep and repeat.

How did so many of us land there ?

This is the question that Alike answers (see video shared by ideapod). The Pixar-like short by Madrid-based animators Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez, is a 7-minute story about Copi and his son Paste. Copi is teaching his son how to live, what the correct, acceptable behaviour is and Paste changes from entering school as a happy, excited child to a miserable unwilling little boy, all signs of engagement erased from his being. Don’t criticise Copi. He is just a father teaching his child what he was taught.


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