About Me

  • Extensive professional experience of more than 8 years in developing highly scalable Web and Mobile products
  • 2 years of research experience particularly in Cloud Computing and Evolutionary Computation area
  • More than 20+ projects deployed and being used right now - sole owner of many projects.
  • I lives and breathes Web and Mobile product development - self taught developer.
  • 4 international publications in the area of Cloud Computing and Evolutionary Computation - proposed a novel machine learning based metaheuristic algorithm solving NP-Hard Allocation problem (reduced runtime execution up to 88% and energy consumption up to 71%).
  • I am passionate about perfection, and will not settle for anything less.
  • Strong object oriented concepts and application architecting skills.
  • Worked on domains like : Retail, Job Portal, eCommerce, ERP, Wallet Banking, Booking System, Cloud Computing, Distributed System, Real Estate, Entertainment, Chat Solutions.
  • Contributed to ElementaryOS's Music Player (using Vala)

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Passionate 100%
Smart and hard working 100%
Dedication 100%
Team player 100%
Always ready to learn 100%
Enthusiastic 100%

What I do for living!

React Native / Electron.js

Cross-platform solutions use different approaches to render a desktop app on many platforms, including the...

Erlang based solutions

Erlang, Elixir Solutions, MongooseIM for Chat/Messaging, AI Bot, Customer Engagement. MongooseIM offers a multi-user chat functionality that is...

DevOps Engineering

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations....

Web Sockets / WebRTC

WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single...

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"Mohan is a solid architect very well versed with the latest technologies. When I interviewed Mohan for a Team Lead, I knew that I am hiring a rockstar. True to my expectations, Mohan has amazed me with his rock solid designs and architecture for many complex systems. His designs are very well thought of and would scale well for the future. His code is almost bug free and delivers projects at a very high speed.Mohan is also a great mentor to the junior engineers on the team.Overall, Mohan is one of the few smartest engineers I have met. I would highly recommend Mohan as a Technical Architect."

Sridhar Kandimalla, Engineering at Salesforce / VP at Nextuple
25+ Products Developed
100m Scale
87+ Coffee & Tea
$13.6m Earned So Far

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