Hi, my name is <font color='#a62425'>Mohan Sharma</font> and I am a passionate <font color='#a62425'>developer</font>. Individual with a degree in computer engineering and a background in developing web, desktop and mobile applications, looking for Software Developer career opportunities.
Tulsi Park, Keriya Road, Amreli - 365601, Gujarat, India.

I’m a self-taught programmer. I started programming from Class 9 just for fun and first programming language is PHP and then I learned VB6 to develop windows software. So basically by the end of Class 10, I became master in learning programming languages through the Internet.

I love reading philosophical books like 'Be Here Now' and novels based on mythology like 'The Immortals of Meluha', and love to spend time with family. I am passionate about cosmos, nature, universe and ancient mythology (big fan of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson).

Marital Status: Engaged. ? ?

Languages: Gujarati, English, Hindi, Haryanvi.

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Career Summary
  • 2 years, 4 months and 10 days of professional experience of web, desktop and mobile application development
  • More than 5 years of programming experience
  • More than 18 projects deployed and live right now
  • Strong object-oriented concepts for application design and development
  • Sole owner of many projects
  • Excellent freelancing experience
  • Worked on multiple project domains: Job Portal, HRM, WordPress Development, Real Estate business, ERP, Booking System, eCommerce, Wallet Banking, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Portfolio websites/blogs and many other customized applications
  • Self-taught programmer
PHP Web DeveloperMarch - July 2016 (4 months and 10 days)<a target="_blank" href="http://www.webplanex.com">Webplanex InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.</a>I joined this company as PHP Web Developer with my prior experience from my past work. My responsibilities includes requirement analysis, estimating time-frame, development and R&D on new web technologies.  
  • I was working in Web Development team with 4 other members. This was the first time I started working as a team and learned how to work as a team. That helped me enrich my team working skills. Basically sales team brought new requirements and our team leader gave that to me so I as an experienced team member could analyze the requirements and give proper timeline estimation. Then I formed different modules and distributed them between us team members and we then worked on it, which enhanced my management skills.
  • I worked on multiple web project domains like Job Portal, HRM, eCommerce, WordPress Development (Theme/Plugin Development), Secured REST-API Development, Real estate business. I also developed and deployed full-fledged custom website as per client’s requirements.
  • Once I presented seminar on Node.js for introducing new technology between the team members. I trained a few teams to work with GIT and also helped a network engineer to setup local GIT server there.
  • What I did there ? :
    • I developed base architecture of every assigned project (using custom/famous MVC frameworks).
    • Divided project into modules and assigned modules to all the team members (only in big projects).
    • Implemented modules.
    • Tested and validated code (implemented by team members).
  • Technologies worked on : PHP/MySQL, Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, PhoneGap, Node.js/MEAN Stack, JavaScript/jQuery.
Sn. Web Developer2013 - 2015 (2 years)<a target="_blank" href="http://www.wcodez.com">WebcodeZ Infoway, Rajkot</a>Alongside with my bachelor education, I was searching for part-time/full-time job with my diploma qualification and little experience. I went through five interviews in local companies and got selected as Web Developer in a startup company WebcodeZ Infoway.  
  • Basically, sales person brings new projects which are assigned to individual developers and so developer was the sole owner of the assigned project. After project assignment, developers are supposed to do client communication, requirement analysis, implementation, testing, deployment and almost everything to complete the project. It was (sometimes stressful) a great place to learn and use new technologies.
  • Although my title was of a Web Developer, I started learning and working on desktop and mobile application development. They gave us enough time to do R&D on new technologies. I developed and deployed many desktop applications and a few mobile applications individually. It was a challenging environment there, and each requirement kept us ignited.
  • I worked on multiple project domains like ERP, booking system, eCommerce, wallet banking, real estate, digital marketing, entertainment, portfolio sites and many other customized applications.
  • What I did there ? : 
    • I used to see clients and discussed about requirements.
    • Then developed the whole application individually.
    • And even deployed it on the client's machine.
  • Technologies worked on ? : PHP/MySQL, Server Management, JavaScript/jQuery, C# .NET (WinForms and WPF), SQL Server, Android and PhoneGap, Serial Port Programming, Hardware Communication, WordPress, API Development.
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Master of Technology2016 to PresentComputer Engineering
  • College : National Institute Of Technology, Kurukshetra
  • Duration : 2016 to Present.
  • Gate Score : 404
  • Research Area : Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation
I am pursuing my master degree here at NIT Kurukshetra with rich interest in real-life implementation of problems in Distributed Computing, Optimization Algorithms, Mobile Computing, Networking, Advanced Database, Number Theory and Cryptography.   I've supervised three B.Tech labs (assigned as M.Tech Load) :
  1. Data Structure using C++
  2. Object-oriented programming with C++
  3. Operating System
Seminars presented by me (as course-work) :
  1. IoT Programming using Arduino
  2. Optimization of HMM for Web Information Extraction using Genetic Algorithm
I did one load-work project :
  1. A fast and elitist multi-objective genetic algorithm - NSGA-II
Bachelor of Engineering2012 to 2015Computer Engineering
  • College : Government Engineering College, Rajkot
  • University : Gujarat Technological University
  • Duration : 2012 to 2015 (3 years - lateral entry with Diploma)
  • CGPA : 7.89/10 (Transcript)
I did my Bachelor of Engineering from Government Institute at Rajkot where I also started working for company WebcodeZ Infoway as Web Developer.  
  • Brizingr is an annual technical festival. Me and my friend developed Brizingr-2015’s introductory cum registration website as well as introductory android application.
  • I developed one embedded software project for my friend from Mechanical Engineering. He participated in RoboRace event at college and wanted me to program his robot which was supposed to walk through black painted lines on the floor. I used Kail-uVision IDE and C programming language to program that robot.
  • Curriculum: Algorithms, Data Structures, DBMS and RDBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, Networking, Digital Logic, Applied Electronics, C++, Android, Mathematics, Micro-Processor (8081), Operating System, Object-oriented design and analysis, Java, Software Engineering, Information Security, Computer Graphics, Theory of Computation, Web Application Development, System Programming, Compiler Design, Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing, Advance Computing Technology.
  • Course-work project: My eCollege - Android App
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Diploma in Engineering2009 - 2012Computer Engineering
  • College : C. U. Shah Technical Institute of Diploma Studies, Wadhwancity.
  • University : Gujarat Technological University
  • Duration : 2009 - 2012 (3 years)
  • CGPA : 8.14/10 (Transcript not available)
I did my 3 year diploma program from C. U. Shah college where I learnt a lot of things about hostel life, technologies, programmings and engineering.  
  • Once I was in college library and saw a book titled "J2ME : Mobile Application Programming" and developed my first mobile application, YouDown. I never thought that my first ever mobile application will hit nearly 4 lakh downloads on mobile9 platform which I developed entirely from scratch without using any youtube-related api. I developed this application because at that time there was not a single youtube downloader application for low-end J2ME mobile devices (which were more popular than Android) and my hostel mates ;).
  • Curriculum: Applied-Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Office Automation, Communication Skills, Electronic Materials and Components, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Practice, Programming in C, Electronic Devices and Components, Human Resource Management, Data Structure, C++, DBMS, Digital Electronics, Operating System, Visual Basic, System Analysis and Design, RDBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, Internet Application Programming, Micro-processor and Peripheral Chips, Java Programming, Computer Network, PHP & MySQL.
  • Course-work project: College Management Panel
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Class 112008 - 2009ScienceSoon after completing Class 10, I got admission in Class 11 (Science stream) and also applied for Diploma in Computer Engineering in 2008 but failed to reserve any seat ? . So I continued with Class 11. Then in 2009 I applied for Diploma in Computer Engineering again and got one and so I left my school. I basically failed in all of Class 11’s exams and finally left it ?
Class 10/9/82008High School
  • School : Nutan (K. K. Paresh & R. P. Mehta Vidhyalay), Amreli
  • Class 10 : 68.31%
  • Class 9 : 67.70%
  • Class 8 : 70%
  • Medium : Gujarati
This was the best time of my life, I was in 'learning to learn' phase. From Class 9, I was introduced to programming world through simple PHP ‘echo’ statement. By the end of Class 10 I could write basic dynamic websites (without database knowledge – funny yeah, I used flat-file storage ? ), I was able to read and grasp programming language’s developer documentations. I also learned to develop basic desktop applications using Visual Basic 6.   By 'Basic dynamic php website', I mean simple php scripts which lists all files from selected directory and allow users to download it which was hosted on free sub-domain hosting server. And by “basic desktop application”, I mean calculator kind of applications, like I developed basic video player when I learnt about ActiveX Object.   [gallery type="thumbnails" columns="2" ids="376,377"]  

So after all of this, I could feel a spark inside me for application development and because of this I couldn't concentrate on my studies in Class 11th. So , I had to go for the Diploma after 10th. Then I did my graduation in the same field and for satisfying my hunger for development I even joined a few small local companies with my B. Tech curriculum on going to explore all of my potential and realize my dreams.

Satish TopiyaWebplanex InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.OwnerMohan is the expert person who clearly is the one who works all round working are. His development background is mostly agile, and you see this in how he delivers output with webplanex. Quickly finding out your needs and helping you improving your business.
Sagar RamaniWebplanex InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.PHP DeveloperMohan is smartest and hardworking. He is really proactive and tireless contributor in the any team. Once he is in your team then you don't have to worry about dead line and quality of task. because he is him self very much punctual in the work time line.he is always ready to move ahead and take responsibility. Skilled, humble and subject matter expert in Web/Mobile Technologies and maintenance.
Kothiya KaushikWebplanex InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.PHP DeveloperMohan sharma is very much energetic and goal-oriented person. He grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning his work. He is very hard working and talented person. I highly recommend him for the Microsoft technologies and all learn new demo.
Technical Skills
PHP/MySQLDeveloped many custom/complex dynamic websites
Laravel/Codeigniter/WordPressDeveloped many websites using these frameworks
JavaScript/jQueryI love JavaScript (I call it all-rounder language)
HTML5/CSS3Beauty of Web
C#/WinForms/WPF/.NET45Did many projects 😀
Android DevelopmentDeveloped 4 mobile applications
J2MENever worked on industrial project but developed more than 5 projects for fun.
PhoneGap Development
C/C++Not worked on any industrial project but know how to work with
Node.js/MEAN Stack/Express.js
Server Programming (Node.js/Servlets)Implemented custom protocol on my own server using Node.js
Apache/nginx/nodejsMaintaining my own server with apache/node.js for more than 1 and half year.
Socket Programming (Node.js/Java)Implemented chatbox, image streaming protocol using Node.js
Blade/Jade Template Engine
JavaExperience of working on two projects (desktop application).
Electron.jsDeveloped 2 cross-platform desktop application
MonoDevelopWorked on small-scale industrial project
IoT ProgrammingNever worked on any industrial project
Payment/IVR/SMS Gateway Integration
Kail uVisionImplemented small college robo project
Linux/Window OS