Shiva is source of light, How ?

The word “Shiva” means literally, “that which is not”.

On another level, when we say “Shiva”, we are referring to a certain yogi, and also the Adi Guru, the first Guru.

So Shiva is described as a non-being not as a being. Shiva is not described as light, but as darkness. Humanity has gone about eulogizing light only because of the nature of the visual apparatus that is always, is darkness.

Light is a limited happening in the sense that any source of light – whether a light bulb or the sun – will eventually lose its ability to give out light. Light is not eternal. It is always a limited possibility because it happens and it ends.

Darkness is a much bigger possibility than light. Nothing needs to burn, it is always -it is eternal. Darkness is everywhere. It is the only thing that is all pervading.

Light emerges from Darkness and vanish back into Darkness.

Om Namah Shivay.

Source : #omconnection

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