Angel CineWorld (Booking system)

This booking system project for local cinema theater company named as Angel CineWorld. It allow users to book and pay movie ticket through website. It also allow particular employee of company to book and print ticket offline through software. 

Basically theater manager manages administrator panel of project which has following features:

  1. Movie management
  2. Show management
  3. Ticket management
  4. Reservation management
  5. Report management
  6. Billing reports
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Feedback management
  9. Information management
  10. User management

Website helps visitors to buy tickets online easily and they get booking confirmation over SMS as well as eMail. By showing booking detail at ticket counter, user can get print of ticket.

I’ve developed ticket counter software which is secured with login facility, only users with booking/printing rights can use that software.

I developed this entire project while working at WebcodeZ Infoway. This project challenged me very well because I’ve to handle of multiple bookings so there can be multiple users selecting same seats.

I can’t upload source code at github due to legal issues. ( Sorry 🙁 If you really need to view source code please contact me personally. )

Technologies used PHP/MySQL, Payment/SMS Gateway, C#/WinForms/SQLite, JavaScript/jQuery/JSON.

You can visit website at

Screenshots :


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