My eCollege

This is my final year bachelor engineering project. I got idea of this project from our college environment where students need an instant communication channel between them and college/faculty.

So we first analyzed every little detail about how our college communicates with students and we found that they are only using mails to notify students (even to the faculties). Everyone knows students sucks at eMail till they placed, they hardly checks their mailbox. Frankly saying government college sucks at communication.

So we decided to transfer whole communication interface over android platform where everyone get notified instantaneously for each information. Important thing is that students from different colleges can also communicates and share different activities details.

So faculty can send notification to group of students/specific student, attach materials to timetable slots, send attendence details, write and manages posts, attach note to noticeboard. In same way student can also create groups to share materials ( chat with friends 😉 ), see attendence records/notifications, download suggested materials, communicate with faculty, write and manages posts. College can also share posts about different events. I’ve implemented many modules from requirements ( whole idea isn’t implemented yet. ).

There is also one centric administrator panel for application owners so that they can add/edit/manages college details, every college also has managing panels where they can manages students/faculties and different required details. Only faculties/students added by college can use this application.

You can fork My eCollege project and feel free to use it from

Technologies used : Android API 18, Web Services, PHP/MySQL

Screenshots : (as I haven’t published this application on play-store)

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