Robo Software

Software to control multiple R.O. machines over GSM Modem and client management, sites management.

I developed this project while working for WebcodeZ Infoway. Software was very simple, set of machines which are connected with GSM Modem (so each machine has its own mobile number 😉 ), in same way software also has its own mobile number. Software sends/receives control and status messages using text messages. Software administrator supposed to add machine details and client details so that they can manage things easily. Software sends different machine-control signals (like clear the tank, start filtering, rinse water, restart, water status etc…) and machine acknowledges these signals in back.

I’ve uploaded source code here at

Technologies : C# .NET, SQLite, Serial Port I/O Programming, AT Commands (protocol for communicating with modems), LINQ, WPF

Screenshots :

Software Development
Software Development

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