NNP Polymers

Customized business solution with many customized features related to business management and ERP.

I developed this project while working at WebcodeZ Infoway. NNP Polymers firm was struggling with a lot of manual paper work and with an excel workbook calculation for everything. All orders, material, status and delivery related inquiries were handled manually offline and printing stuff is also handled manually. They were facing many mistakes and missed to notify clients about their dues etc.

They contacted us and we suggested IT solution for all their problem. Solution for every problem they had starting from taking orders, transaction management, account management, interest calculation, debit collection report to notifying dues to their clients automatically through SMS as well as eMails.

They were having many complex requirements that I addressed one-by-one. Complex requirements like multiple interest rates (rate changes for days/months/years long dues), stressful mathematical monthly reports, administrator can request orders from client on one-click (without selecting materials – software is supposed to choose materials automatically as per transaction history), different types of debit methods (each method having different strict rules), lots of excel interop operations etc…

This project includes website development as well as mobile application development for order inquiries and creation. Website is used as introductory cum portfolio website and mobile application is used by their clients to inquiries materials as well as order status and place order directly.

In short it was one of the biggest project I completed there.

I’ve uploaded source code at http://github.com/mohansharma-me/nnp-polymers.

Technologies : C# .NET, PHP/MySQL, SQLite, REST API, Printing Automation, SMS/E-mail APIs

Screenshots :

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