Alongside my bachelor’s education, I was searching for a part-time/full-time job with my diploma qualification and little experience. I went through five interviews in local companies and got selected as Web Developer in a startup company WebcodeZ Infoway.  

  • Basically, the salesperson brings new projects which are assigned to individual developers and so the developer was the sole owner of the assigned project. After project assignment, developers are supposed to do client communication, requirement analysis, implementation, testing, deployment, and almost everything to complete the project. It was (sometimes stressful) a great place to learn and use new technologies.
  • Although my title was a Web Developer, I started learning and working on desktop and mobile application development. They gave us enough time to do R&D on new technologies. I developed and deployed many desktop applications and a few mobile applications individually. It was a challenging environment there, and each requirement kept us ignited.
  • I worked on multiple project domains like ERP, booking system, eCommerce, wallet banking, real estate, digital marketing, entertainment, portfolio sites, and many other customized applications.
  • What I did there? : 
    • I used to see clients and discussed requirements.
    • Then developed the whole application individually.
    • And even deployed it on the client’s machine.
  • Technologies worked on? : PHP/MySQL, Server Management, JavaScript/jQuery, C# .NET (WinForms and WPF), SQL Server, Android and PhoneGap, Serial Port Programming, Hardware Communication, WordPress, API Development.

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