I did my Bachelor of Engineering from Government Institute at Rajkot where I also started working for the company WebcodeZ Infoway as Web Developer.  

  • Brizingr is an annual technical festival. I and my friend developed Brizingr-2015’s introductory cum registration website as well as an introductory android application.
  • I developed one embedded software project for my friend from Mechanical Engineering. He participated in the RoboRace event at college and wanted me to program his robot which was supposed to walk through black painted lines on the floor. I used Kail-uVision IDE and C programming language to program that robot.
  • Curriculum: Algorithms, Data Structures, DBMS and RDBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, Networking, Digital Logic, Applied Electronics, C++, Android, Mathematics, Micro-Processor (8081), Operating System, Object-oriented design and analysis, Java, Software Engineering, Information Security, Computer Graphics, Theory of Computation, Web Application Development, System Programming, Compiler Design, Wireless Communication, and Mobile Computing, Advance Computing Technology.
  • Course-work project: My eCollege – Android App
  • College : Government Engineering College, Rajkot
  • University : Gujarat Technological University
  • Duration : 2012 to 2015 (3 years – lateral entry with Diploma)
  • CGPA : 7.89/10

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